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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Titipan hahahah.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Arīk Game

Recently, I've picked up writing again. Writing fanfic is my pleasure and bane of my existence lol. I've got lots, loooots of ideas but sometimes (or most of the time) it's really hard to realize it into words.

Today I'm going to make a post about the world where one of my fanfic resides. To anyone reading this, I'm sorry I write it in English... Just pretend this is an English practice for you :P. I'm also practicing my English this way, and to be honest, most of the time I'm more comfortable writing in English.

Playing Reality
This fanfic is one of my newest creation. This was written because I wanted to play a new MMORPG but couldn't due to my laptop's lack of decent VGA lol. It hurt deeply, but I decided if I couldn't play it, then I could create a similar world where I can shape it all I like, and have fun in it.  Fitting the Kuroshitsuji casts into the roles is a challenge too, but it's something I know I'd enjoy and cherish.
Storyline: For now, not too much. I really have no idea where this will be going. So let's just enjoy the process together. If I somehow ditch it in the end, then that's it. No regret, no tears... Or so I hope.
So, the story is: there's a new game on the market. Noah's Ark, where adventurers can challenge the new landscapes and shape the world by their own hands. Sebastian, a purposeless young man, and Ciel, a boy in need of a hope, were sucked into its wonder.

Genre: Not sure, actually. But sexual tension always exist between them whether they mean it or not, so I just couldn't resist to put romance tag somewhere in there. Also adventure tag, obviously.

The lore: In chapter 2, I put up an opening scene of sort. In MMO it's called cutscene. It is the background of the world taking shape. For anyone interested to see how it is visualized in 3D, you can peek into this video, which is a trailer of my coveted game x_x. They said the game sucks, but I'd like to enjoy the world, truly... Alright, enough rambling, this is the lore.
P.S. before I wrote the lore for this fanfic, I really didn't read the official site to see what's it actually about. I only watched the trailer, and wrote the lore according to my interpretation and impression after watching it, while also keeping in mind about how I want The Ark to take shape.

The terms
These are the terms usually appear in games.
Then the so-called tomes in the Ark:
For example, let's combine shadowplay, archery and pyromancy. The resulting class is Sniper. Why? Because a Sniper is a long-ranged attacker, has to have good accuracy to be able to nick a target, can use stealth to stay undetected, also for occasional spying. The pyromancy bit comes in using guns as weapons. This is just how to explain it as simple as possible. How you build your sniper is depended on what spells you get in your arsenal.

By the way, taking archery doesn't mean you have to be an Archer. Like Meyrin, you can be a Sniper if you use guns. You can even use darts or knives if you want to. The weapons don't really matter as long as the purpose is the same as the spell description. We'll talk about spells at later time.

Now lets move onto skills.
Usually people level up skills that related or can improve another skills so its more advantageous. For example, if you choose to level up fishing, farming, and/or husbandry, you should also level up cooking to use up the products you get from the basic skills. Or if you level up gathering, you should also take alchemy. If you level up logging, you should also take carpentry and/or handicraft. If you don't take associating skills, usually you'll end up have to sell your raw materials for low price, or you have to buy materials every time you want to make something. Your skills also correspondence with what your profession will be.
Next, about stats:
 and difference between armors and fashions:

Spells are abilities or skills that a player can use in combat. They can take spells from any of the three tomes they chose, but limited to only ten spells. That's why he/she has to be wise in choosing what kind of spells he/she will get, and how that will build his/her character.
The next table summarizes several type of spells commonly exist in games (and The Ark):
I haven't been clear enough about AoE. AoE (Area of Effect) is a spell that has either one of these characteristic: (1) A (the attacker) point the spell to B (the target), besides damaging/affecting B, the spell also affecting people in certain radius of B; (2) A activate the spell, the people around certain radius of A is affected/damaged by the spell.
Well, whichever effects taken place, AoE spells are dangerous and powerful spells, but they make enemies are more likely to attack you (multiple enemies!), so these kind of spells must be used wisely.

And...Now, before we dive into Sebastian's abilities, I'd like to explain a bit about how spells work.

As mentioned above, spells are abilities player can do in combat, whether physical or otherwise. Obviously since they're playing in virtual reality, they can't push buttons like if we play games. They also don't have to shout the name of the spells, because that defeats the purpose of fighting if your enemies can know your attack because you tell them before you attack them. So, I invent this kind of system.

To do an attack, you have to think about it. Then move your body to do the actions to activate the attack. So the requirements for a successfull attack is 'the will/intent' and 'the action'. Of course, if you aim to the wrong direction, most likely you'll fail also :P. This is why even though the game helps you to do some impossible actions you otherwise cant do in real life, you still need to practice.

A spell can work in several different ways. For example, a spell called 'multitrike' has description 'strikes target 4 times'. This can mean:
1. If you use a sword/dagger, when you use this spell, you'll be able to stab an enemy 4 times quickly.
2. If you use a throwing daggers, you can throw 4 daggers consecutively to an enemy.
3. You can also throw 4 daggers at the same time to an enemy, or to 4 different enemies.

So, A spell can work differently depends on the individual using it. Sebastian, obviously, using the third method.

Also, I've been thinking to add 'normal spells' aka spells which have the effects mentioned in the descriptoon, and 'special/secret spells'. Theyre the same spells, but the effect can be different/greater if the spell done different way and have fullfilled several conditions/additional requirements.

SPOILER ALERT. Please don't stare at the table/picture below no matter how hot he is...Its SPOILER I tell you!
Well... Don't say I didn't warn you...

 Btw, lately I've trying to avoid... studying lol. So I've been distracting myself by making these schemes of PhantomHive Manor, the base for the PhantomHive guild. It's made using The Sims 3, that game's pretty awesome too :P. 

This is the manor viewed from the front and side. Two story high, with rose garden (and hidden traps!) In front of it.

This is the schematic view from above. The animal stall can be used to store horses and farm animals.

Ground and upper floor plans. It's not one hundred percent identical to my description in the story, probably I should revise my story then lol. This is the ideal one cause the game is supposed to be limited in space like this. Look at the bedrooms arrangement. Bard and Finnian share a room, and Meyrin's room only big enough to place a bed and bedside table. Well, it's alright cause in the game its only used to restore energy and nothing else. Hmm, how about Sebastian? Well... he can always join his master in the master bedroom... :">.

A glimpse of how some of the rooms look like. The fireplace gets special attentiom because it's like a floo. You can use it to commute between the houses you own. The farmhouse from the third chapter is there also ;). And the first bed Ciel and Sebastian ever shared mwahahah xD.

Out of the scene
Just for fun. If u want to peek into my misadventures in games. Just an insight from a casual gamer...
Aconyte the Cleric in Fiesta Online
Lune the Bard
Aconyth the Sin
FW Bard Fashion
Pics from the past games

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Lol, blogging after so long. Yay me!
For starter I want to share few pictures I managed to capture and edit a bit to my fancy. These are all the games I've played in the past. Enjoy!

Forsaken World
 Four of my main characters: Luneriel the elf bard, Aconyth the human assassin, Acanthraz the kindred mage, and Chantreal the lycan priest. I've got a lot more the last time I played, around ten perhaps.
 Lune and the hubby, the freaky vamp :P. As strange as he is I still luuurve him lol.
 A siggy I made for new year. With playmate: the weird human warrior _FakeProgress, and that shameless sin virgouss. *runs*
 "Is it the sound of your harp that makes my heart race, or that entrancing gaze you possess?"
Stop seducing some unsuspecting... people, Lune! xD
 In which Lune was running around at night only in her see-through nightgown, lol. She forgot her pants also...
Anniversary present for the hubby! Happy anniversary Shini!
No, Lune isnt cheating. Thats just one of my alt, Fuinor. He looks devilishly handsome is'nt he?
Another one. They just look good together...

Aion: Ascension
First trial of flying by Chantreal the Chant--nope, the Cleric! Stop assuming, she's not a chanter!
When Chantreal got a new set of kimono, and a new set of wings to match!
In the housing area. It feels so dreamy in the twilight doesn't it?
Even in a cloudy day, the view is magical.
Enchanting lake bewitch her to play in the water like a nymph!

And that's it. If I have more inspiration I'll make more and brag about them here :P.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Few days ago I had four days off, so my family dragged me out on vacation, preventing me from locking myself in my room and lazing around all day. We went to some some kind national/park, called Taman Safari (literally translated Safari Park). It's located at Cisarua, Bogor, although according to the website they said they have several other location at other cities.

The ticket's about Rp. 130.000,- for locals or Rp. 200.000,- for foreigners. That's about $25, more or less. Oh, and another Rp. 15.000,- (about $2) for the car. They have night safari package too, but I don't know the price.

Here you can see the animals in their natural(?) environment, no cage for them. But you have to be inside your car at all time, no opening your windows and no feeding the animals, ideally. Here's some pics on them.

 Lazy hippo.
 Not-so-lazy hippo.
Deers... I think. They want you to feed them, but be careful if you decide to do it (at the tame animals place), cause they still can bite you, or lick you, eww.
 These animals insisted to show-off their behinds... @_@
I almost didn't see this owlie, hehe never seen one this close before (beside at the zoo), or in the daylight.
This is what I mean with they can bite your fingers off... Hmm not to sure if it happened over there... but I'm laughing if it is lol, their fault for opening their window after being told not to. Perhaps that will teach them, people do say that experience's the best teacher...
 Lazy lion(ess?).
 Lazy lions. Why all of them are so lazy...
 Stalking tiger xD.
It seems that this bear's trying to do acrobats walking on the thin wood. Let's hope the bear won't fall >.<.
This is the map of the park. To reach the recreation site inside, we get a tour of the (not so) wildlife of the animals. After that it's your usual amusement park waiting inside, it's up to you on what you want to do. They have various shows scheduled throughout the day. They have many rides for the children and adults, although you can't expect Disneyland here :P. They have Rainforest Restaurant too, even if I think it's too expensive, I'd rather bring foods from outside. You can ride elephants, ponies or camels too, or mini trains around the site.
Souvenir shops. They sell many things; shirts, hats, keychains, headbands, stickers, mugs, dolls, etc. Don't think I'm allowed to take pics inside so I didn't.
 The elephant show. We arrived here just as they finished :(.
Elephant that you can ride. You know, he can give you the ride of your life, mwahahah.
They have haunted house too. Now that's a place I'll NEVER step my foot into >.< *runs farfaraway*

We went to the white tigers place, but they were sleeping. They looked like big cuddly dolls on your common room carpets, nice and warm to snuggle in while watching TV ;). There are big dolls like this at the store, but they're expensive. By the time my mum decided to buy them, we're already outside @_@.
They let us take pictures with the babies at the Baby Zoo, and with the big ones too.

Cause someone's insisted to call me tiger, just to poke him I bought that headband and take pics with the tigers xD. Well, the babies, but still...
This baby tiger is a naughty one hihi. When I sit down, he immediately put his paw on my pants lol. But the guard spanked him before he managed to claw my pants off =)). Then he sniffed and kissed my thigh, aww *huggles*. I tried to hug him but the guard forbade me to do it :'(. So I only can pet him on the head and neck.
 Now this is the kind of tiger I want to pet >_<. Look at how sharp his gaze is xD. But they said no @_@.
These ones are with baby lion. So... lion's cub? He's in rebellious mood at the moment. When I approached him he tried to glomp me lol. Then cause the guard hit his cane to the wood again, he calmed down... He's actually just a big kitty, see he's rolling his head cause I rubbed his neck :P.

I wanted to put him in my lap but they didn't allow it :(. He's tired after all day being manhandled by the mean guard. Even after I promised I'll be gentle with him they still didn't allow it T_T.
Before going back to hotel, we visited the white tigers' place once more. Coincidentally it's the time for their feeding, so they're awake and sashaying around.

There are two white tigers, they're imported from India, according to the information board. They even have their own palace here, spoiled kitties O.O. They're not in a cage, but their environment surrounded by high walls to keep them and the visitors protected.
Ha, I told you so, they're just a big kitties :D. Even if instead of climbing because of frightened, he's climbing because he wanted the piece of chicken hanging above him. He's so adorable up there xD *huggles the tiger*

We stayed for another night at the hotel. I thought I could spend my night in peace... but the hotel organized a stage for entertainments exclusive for this night because it's the first day of the year in Muslim Calendar. Dang expensive hotel >.<. But perhaps it's worth its pricey...
They show several kinds of dance here.
 Dance from Bali. I didn't watch this one (still sleeping in the hotel room lol).
 Some kind of dance from Bali... I don't know the name :(. The dancer's portraying an old woman.
 Saman Dance
  Barong Dance
 The end of the show

The other pics are in this album.

That's it for now, I'm almost late for my morning class >.<. Cya~

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